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Names of The Munt from Muntland
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kitg [userpic]
FIC: Call of the wolf. (Alt ending 11 to Doomsday)

Title; Call of the Wolf
Characters: 10/Rose
Rating: M=Smut!!! so you know...adult.
Disclaimer: Don't own Doctor who...but promish to put them back in mint condition...well maybe slightly ruffled...but in a good way.
Summary Atl ending for the episode. as to the parameters set by neth. this is number 11.

A/N: what can i say...i started writing this...and got sucked into smut...so sue me :P

KITG: okay, this is in response to Neth’s Challenge of which I chose numbers 8, 10 and 11. This is 11.

Call of the Wolf

She stood before him, tears falling down her face her heart ripping in two. The Doctor’s eyes swirling with despair as he was saying goodbye, burning up a sun to do so.
Around then the air whipped her hair in the wind, never touching his, more proof that he was beyond her reach. He was talking, saying he would do the same old same old, travel the stars.

“Alone?” he nodded in return, she wanted to hold him, to hug him, kiss him goodbye but even that was denied her. She had to tell him that she loved him; this would be her last chance.

“I love you” she managed to get out through her tears.

“Quite right” he replied, seeming to have a lump in his throat.

“If this is going to e the last time, then…..” he had to tell her, had to say it. “Rose Tyler…”

“EX-TER-MIN-ATE!” the grating voce, a blast of blue light passing harmlessly through the image of the Doctor. His eyes widening in disbelief at the sight of the black Dalek. Jackie, Mickey and Pete had jumped behind the Land rover putting it between them and the Dalek.

“Rose!” her mother shouted, trying to break free of Pete’s grasp to get to her daughter.

“THE-IMAGE-IS-A-PROJECTION!” the Daleks lights flashing as it talked.

“What are you doing there?” the Doctor demanded, his hearts frozen in Ice, this was not fair. The Dalek would kill her before him and he could do nothing.

“I ESCAPED-THE –VOID-BY PASSING-TO-THIS-REALITY. YOU-DO-NOT-EXSIST-HERE. THE-DALEKS-WILL-SURVIVE!” The Dalek started to go towards Rose; it’s eyestalk never leaving her face. “YOU-ARE-STRONG! YOU –WILL-BECOME-ONE-OF-THE-FIRST-DALEKS.WE-WILL-SPREAD-ACROSS-THIS-UNIVERSE!” the Dalek ranted, sucker raised towards her.

“No, leave her alone!” the Doctor shouted. It cold not end like this. Why was the universe doing this? Why was it so unfair?

“YOU-CAN-DO-NOTHING. THE-GREAT-DOCTOR-IS-POWERLESS!” it crowed in triumph. Rose’s head was down, eyes hidden by her hair. “WE-WILL-BE-ALL-POWERFUL!”

“You are tiny” Rose’s voice reached his ears, the soft lilt, interwoven with the voice of Time. Her head rose to look at the Dalek, eyes swirling with gold. “I see every atom of your existence….” Rose raised her right hand, palm upwards “and I crush them” with a death toll voice, Rose closed her hand. The Dalek screamed as it started to fold in on itself. Then there was nothing left, just the howling wind, like a wolf calling her home. The bay was empty, the tide out so the water at their feet was merely a large puddle. Then Rose fell to her knees, pain lancing through her, Bad Wolf was not supposed to exist here. This universe foreign and poison to the power of the bad wolf, poison as much to her as it had been to the Tardis.

“Oh Rose” the Doctor was crouched beside her, wishing with all his soul that he could hold her, comfort her as she died. Tears flowing down his face, as he knew she was dying.

“Doctor…well that’s ironic, the bad wolf dying in Bad Wolf bay” she gave a shaky laugh. Her Mum, Mickey and Pete were running towards her, and then she was in her mothers arms.


“I’m sorry mum,” she whispered. “I have to go” her breath becoming laboured.

“Doctor, can’t you do something?” Jackie pleaded. But all the Doctor could do was shake his head sadly. “Oh Rose, sweetheart” Jackie began to sob, Mickey holding Rose’s hand as his own tears fell.

Her heart began to slow, the breath shallow and pained as the vortex ripped itself apart inside her, and in so doing, pulled her apart along with it. The bright gold dimming, as the song began to die. “This is it,” she thought, gazing to the sea. She let her eyes close, a whispered name on her lips

“Doctor…” she thought that would be the end of it, she would hear no more. But an old friend, one that had been watching her, comforting her along with the Doctor called her name, a song, a howl to bring her home. As the last of the power from the super nova, and the Doctor disappeared from the beach…Rose’s body turned to gold dust and flew after him, through the last crack before it sealed…

The Doctor stood by the console, tears streaming from his face as he tried to breath. Finding his lungs frozen with his hearts. He could have handled saying goodbye, knowing she was alive, defending earth in their version of Torchwood. But not this, not to die at the because of the Daleks….not again. He crashed to his knees as the sob tore from his throat. Banging his right fist on the floor with a resounding clang of flesh against metal.

A beeping sound entered his awareness, the TARDIS trying to grab his attention. He looked up, his gaze passing the door of the TARDIS but then quickly returning as gold dust flittered through, the console singing to the golden trail. It swirled round the Time rotor, as it rose and fell. Then passed by the doctor, a gentle caress against his cheek before it coalesced before him, into the form of Rose Tyler. She was laid on her back, eyes closed. No breath passing her lips.

“Rose…” as if his voice summoned breath, she gasped for air, taking great gulps of it as she coughed. He moved, pulling her into his arms, crushing her.

“Doctor….” He voice weak, but her.

“Rose! You’re alive..But how? How did you get here?”

“The Vortex called me home” she smiled, looking over his shoulder, he turned to see the gold light emanating from the console, it caressed Rose then returned to it’s home inside the TARDIS. He hugged her tight again, his happiness overflowing. His kissed her lips, in quick gleeful bursts that had her laughing.

“Oh Rose…I thought..” she placed a finger on his lips, the leaned forward so their lips met, no longer the childish glee, but the burning desire they both had. It quickly became passionate, as a deep groan escaped the Doctor. He picked her up from the floor, lips never leaving the other. Her arms going about his neck to tangle her fingers in his hair, ruffling, and tugging to get a better angle. To bring him even closer.

She felt the kiss become more passionate as his hands began to wander. She was pushed to the bed, her legs intertwining with his. Legs rubbing up and down against each other, she moved her hands that had been loped round his neck, now pushing them up under his shirt, she smiled as she felt and heard him moan into her mouth.
The kiss gradually grew more desperate and fierce as the Doctor began tracing small circles on her stomach with his fingers and Rose slid his suit jacket off his shoulders.

Rose carelessly ripped his shirt off and tossed it across the room and he did the same to her top. The closeness of their bodies, the doctor tracing circles on her stomach agonisingly slowly were all suddenly too much and she roughly bucked her hips into his, grinding against him. The Doctor was trying to be gentle, take things slowly so she could back out if she wanted to but that was too much and he suddenly lost control. He yanked her undone jeans off her tanned legs while she pulled his shoes off with her feet and slid his socks off then began on his suit trousers.
Within seconds they both lay there completely naked, the Doctor looked into Rose’s eyes and saw complete trust there. They simultaneously brought their hips together and he slid inside her. They moved in time, their thrusts frantic and full of lust and desire want and need. Rose clung desperately to him gasping and moaning his name. She flipped them over so she was on top and sat up as they continued to move together. The Doctor then roughly slammed her back onto the ground as he rolled them over again.

He thrust into her again and again, his climax building with each one and Rose bucked her hips to meet his as hers built too. He sucked her neck, making her moan and she wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to thrust deeper inside her, as he ran his hands over as much of her as he could, her body liquefying under his touch. A wave of orgasm washed over her, so intense it made her whole body shake and tremor and her muscles spasm. This triggered the Doctor’s climax and they both cried out simultaneously. Time stopped. Reality stopped. Them feeling nothing but each other, suspended in each other’s arms, melting as they drowned in the heat of the waves of pleasure. As they wound down they lay there together, panting hard, looking deep into each other’s eyes, no sound except for their horse breathing. She hugged him close, letting his head rest on her breasts, which he gave a quick kiss.

“Rose..” she looked down at him, stroking his hair gently.


“I never got to finish on the beach” He sat up, eyes level with her as he looked down at the women he loved. “Rose Tyler….I love you” there, he’d finally said it. Finally admitted it.

“My Doctor…I love you too” he smiled wide, he already knew she loved him, she had told him so on the beach. But the claim she placed on him…”My Doctor” made him hard all over again. He kissed her soundly, sweetly, pouring all his love through it.

They would be together always. The Time Vortex would make sure of that…


Jackie Tyler lay asleep in her bed, dreaming dreams as her hand rested on her large stomach. The baby would be coming soon.

“Mum..” Jackie looked around in her dream. To see Rose standing there, bathed in gold.


“Hello mum” Rose came forward and hugged her mum, Jackie cried in the embrace.

“I miss you so much sweetheart….why did you have to die?”

“I’m not dead mum….I’m with the Doctor” and now that Jackie looked she could see the Doctor’s arms about rose, protectively and somewhat possessively. He gave his silly little wave.


“You’re alive?” Jackie sobbed.

“Yes mum, the Time Vortex saved me.”

“Will I see you again?” Jackie asked, but knowing the answer.

“No…only in your dreams, like this..But don’t worry mum, I’m happy. She held up a finger, Jackie saw the gold band on Rose’s wedding finger.

“Oh you’d better be looking after her” Jackie threatened the Doctor.

“I am, never letting her go” the Doctor laughed.

“Have a fantastic life mum, you deserve it after having all the trouble I put you through” Rose laughed. “Give my love to Mickey and dad.”

“Take care sweetheart” Jackie hugged her daughter…

“Jackie…Jackie luv you’re dreaming” Jackie opened her eyes to meet the concerned ones of Pete. She felt her cheeks were wet with her tears, which Pete gently brushed away with his thumb.

“It was Rose, she came to say goodbye. She’s alive Pete, she got back to the Doctor” Jackie smiled…if anyone else heard this…they would said it was just a dream..but Pete knew better. Smiling happy that the daughter he had never known was happy and alive.


KITG: there we go. So happy fluff to an alternate ending.

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*laughs and squils and grins*

lol.you like?

oh BTW this is how bored i was today.....i changed the comunity's moods hehehe

I do like! I love! I think this is gonna end up being the last one, probably, and going out on a happy note - fantastic!

Also, in and of itself, fantastic. Some of the capitilisation (sp?) in the author's notes is wrong but...