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Names of The Munt from Muntland
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kitg [userpic]
Fic: Black Rose (alt ending number 8)

Title: Black Rose
Charcters: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: Don't own Doctor who, or the idea. as it is a challange.
Sumarry Rose is lost to the darkness.

KITG: this is for Neths “Afterlife-Hidden paths” fan fiction challenge. This is for challenge number 8 Rose falls into the void.

Black Rose

She pushed the lever vertical, the system starting up again, sucking the Daleks and Cybermen through like some kind of giant vacuum cleaner. They would all end up in the bag, the black Void. Covered in Void dust. That almost made her laugh. Wondering if the Void had dust bunnies.

She held on, fingers burning with the effort as the breach pulled harder, her body horizontal in the air. She looked to the Doctor, his eyes wide with full blown fear as he tried to reach out in vain, as if he could will his arm to stretch and grab her. She was losing her grip, soon to be sucked into a giant vacuum cleaner called the void…would certainly give Dyson a run for its money.

“The Void vacuum cleaner, sucks Daleks and Cybermen, also cleans rugs, and gets rid of those pesky dust mites,” her mind giggled at the absurdity she was thinking at that moment. She should be scared; she was going to be trapped in dark blackness with Cybermen and Daleks for company.

It came to seconds stretching for hours, as the grip was between free and still holding on, locking eyes with the Doctor. They pleaded with her, "don’t let go. Don’t you dare let go!” but it was no longer her choice. With her name following her in an anguished scream from the alien she had come to love, she was pulled toward the breach. Floating, flying and dying. All of this happening in the time it took her to take in a breath and scream. The bright light hiding the fatal never ending darkness beyond.

There was a feeling, strange and cold as she left this reality and entered the Void. Her scream swallowed by the blackness. Floating, weightless, nothingness. Now and then the flash of two lights, Daleks, the little red riding hoods lost like the bad wolf. All were equal in this place.

The Doctor had been right, no time, no light no nothing…..not even air. Her lungs burned, as the darkness seemed to invade her very being. Lungs burning, hand clawing and a throat to trying to push in none existent air. The Daleks would live, encased inside their pepper pot shells, but Rose Tyler would not. No…the valiant child was to die gasping for breath as the Void claimed her. The valiant child swallowed by the moonless night.


The Doctor stood, gazing at the white wall; Rose was gone…gone to somewhere worse than death. He walked towards the wall, placing his ear against it, then his hand.. It was almost as if he could feel her on the other side. The blackness devouring her spirit, her being. Gasping for breath all alone in the night, no hand to grab in those final moments.

He bashed his hand, now a fist against the stone white wall, trying to break down the barrier between them….but it was no good. He could do nothing. He turned, walking from the room, glancing back over his shoulder as if her expected her to appear at any moment. He found the TARDIS, un-touched by all that had transpired. He opened the door, the TARDIS welcoming, but he stopped suddenly. The waft of Rose, the perfume she always wore reached his nose. He tried to hold the sob the tore free, but could no longer hold back the tears. They streamed down his face as his knees gave way.


The scream of two hearts mourning as one. For a stupid ape, a stupid ape that had given him the will to live after losing his home. Her name left his lips over and over in an endless stream of sorrow. Asking for forgiveness she could never give him, condemning her actions. Why did she have to come back?..She would be alive at lest with her mother…but he knew he couldn’t have done it alone. Then he was raging at himself. Why hadn’t he done something? Why had he just stood and screamed her name?

The TARDIS, ever silent could not answer, or forgive, or condem..She could only be. After an age he got to his feet and set the Time ship in motion. Leaving behind a part of himself, he walked down the now dark hallways, the TARDIS sharing his mood. The old girl had become very attached to Rose, not surprising after they joined together as the bad wolf. Rose had been so connected with her. Would tell the Doctor when something was wrong, she would have no idea what was wrong. Just telling him something was, he would do a diagnostic and find a small component out of alignment.

Before he knew it he found himself at the threshold of her room, the smell stronger here, her haunting presence. Without a thought he walked over to the bed and lay upon it, taking her pillow and burying his face within it and he curled up around it. His sobs muffled by the cotton. The last Time Lord cried himself to sleep.


The TARDIS waited, feeling the presence enter her, a fleeting goodbye from a departing spirit. The TARDIS wailed her grief as the spirit of Rose Tyler entered her fleetingly, leaving her mark in the old time ship.


The Doctor came back to the console room, not knowing how long he slept. His dreams always now filled with her, Rose dying on Gallifrey, Rose screaming his name in the darkness, Rose forgiving him, loving him. His face haggard, suit rumpled he set the coordinates. Eyes locking up, seeing a key hanging there…the TARDIS key..Rose’s key. He took it down, looking at it in shock…that became full blown when he withheld the Time Rotor. Then…..he smiled.


Martha sat on the seat beside the console, mind whirling with all that had just happened. Her mind still trying to get round the whole “bigger on the inside” of the TARDIS.

“Doctor?” she asked as she saw something.

“Hmm?” the Doctor looked up from the scanner.

“Why is there a black Rose in the centre of that thing going up and down?” The Doctor looked at the Black Rose in the centre of the Time Rotor…..and smiled.


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